There are many dogs who would rather do their business inside than venture outside for one second, and there are also dogs who could still stay outside and play in the “fun white stuff” for hours! Either way, keeping your dogs paws protected is crucial in keeping your dog healthy, safe and happy!

There are several “elements” that can harm your dog’s paw. Simply being too cold is a common one; imagine walking outside barefoot in cold weather. Well, even though your dog’s paws are very resilient and can take a certain amount of cold, there is always a point where your dog is effected and more than likely in pain. Pavement salt can hurt and dry out your dog’s paws (be sure to look for the pet/paw friendly varieties for your home). Ice can be dangerous as well, especially senior dogs with joint issues (slipping).

You may notice signs such as your dog suddenly lifting their paws up, or holding their arms or legs up, shaking their paws as if something was stuck in it or even whining while trying to keep their paws up. This means that it is too cold for your dog’s paws, and you either need to get your pup back inside immediately, or you need to get some paw protection on their hands and feet.

Paw protection can be as simple as putting on paw wax or paw balm to “wick” away snow and moisture, or getting booties to keep your dog’s paws dry and protected from the elements.

Paw Wax – protects paws from harsh surfaces, keep paws moisturized and healthy, wicks away snow, forms a semi-permeable shield.

Brands: Musher’s Secret, PawZ Paw Wax, Pura Naturals.

How to Use: Simply rub balm/wax all over paw, getting in between toes as well, on a daily basis.

Price Range: $8 – $20

Booties – protects paws from harsh surfaces, ice, salt, snow (even hot sand in the summer), keeps paws warmer by keeping them dry, creates barrier between paw and unsafe salts used on pavement.

Brands: PawZ, Mutt Lucks, FouFou Pet.

How to Use: Difficulty of putting on depends on brand (we recommend PawZ brand), simply slip on your dog’s paws before heading outside for any extended period of time.

Price Range: $12 – $30