With our grooming services, your dog will definitely get a lot of love and attention from our grooming specialist, since we are a small boutique style grooming salon, with one-on-one attention when being groomed. We will focus on detail, consistency and love when grooming your canine!

Because of the uniqueness of each dog and nature of each individual groom, actual price may vary due to actual service needed versus what is booked online. We cannot guarantee the price indicated if booked online. Please call for more accurate pricing.

*Services may be tweaked and customized to fit the uniqueness of your canine.

Mallory Knight


Education: Jenison High School, PetSmart Grooming Academy

Began Grooming: November 2013

Pets Owned: Staffy & a Pit Lab Mix

Pet Food of Choice: Wellness    Favorite Products: Orbee Tough Earth Ball

Why Grooming?: I love animals and love working in a hands-on environment. My friends introduced me to grooming and I instantly fell in love. It’s hard work that allows me to express my creativity and turn someone’s fur baby into a walking piece of art! It also gives me a sense of self-satisfaction seeing pet parents and their pets happy and healthy!

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Available Services

Bath & Brush-Out


Bath, Brush Out, Paw Pads and Sanitary Trim (if needed), Ears Cleaned, Nails Trimmed, Cologne or Perfume, Bandana or Bow, UPON REQUEST: Anal Gland Expression

ex. Chihuahua, Labrador Retriever, Greyhound, Pit Bulls, French Bulldogs, etc.

Bath & Brush-Out


Includes the Basic Package Plus: Light Trim of the face, feet, tail and minor “feathering”

ex. Golden Retriever, King Charles Cavalier, Sheltie, Collie, etc. (This is also an “in-between” trim for those who typically get a full hair cut)

Bath & Brush-Out

Breed Pattern

Includes the Basic Package Plus: Any breed specific/traditional breed pattern. (We do not offer hand stripping or cording.)

ex. Schnauzer, Westie, Cairn Terrier, Poodle, Springer Spaniel, etc.

Bath & Brush-Out

Full Trim

Includes the Basic Package Plus: All over, same length haircut with clippers. Many lengths to choose from (not necessarily a shave- down)! If parts are desired to be kept longer, this includes hand-scissoring, which will result in a slight upcharge.

Ex. Shih Tzu, Maltese, Doodles, Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier, etc.

Bath & Brush-Out


Includes the Basic Package Plus: Trimming and Shaping excess feathering and long hair close to the body to accentuate the structure of the dog. Includes trimming the neck, chest, belly, butt and legs. (Not a full body haircut)

ex. Golden Retriever (longer haired), Collie, Newfoundland, etc.

Bath & Brush-Out

Hand Scissor

Includes the Basic Package Plus: Full Body Haircut all done by scissoring the entire body, legs, face, etc. Clippers are only used on Pads and sanitary. If a longer length is desired than what the clippers can give, this service will allow that. However, depending on the severity, matting of the coat may disqualify your dog from the hand scissor service.

Walk-In Services

Our groomers are available 7 days a week; however, we ask that you call ahead to make sure they are available.

Nail Trim: $10
Nail File: $10
Nail Trim & File: $15
Teeth Brushing: $10
External Anal Gland Expression: $20
Paw Pads Shaved: $10
Face Trim: $10
Ears Cleaned: $5
Ears Plucked & Cleaned: $15
Sanitary Trim: $10

Add-On Services

Please inquire about add-on services when making your appointment.

Nail File: $10
Teeth Brushing: $10
Specialty Shampoo (ask for availability): $10
Nails Painted (upon groomer’s discretion): $15
Hair Color (ask for availability and options): will vary depending on diffculty
De-Matting Fee
$60 per hour ($1 per minute)
If you would like any mattes brushed out, please discuss with our groomer, as not all are able to be brushed out. Note that a de-matted coat is a damaged coat, and will likely matte up quickly again.